At Afcap, we have a host of imported lighting technologies that we bring to the South African market from our lighting warehouse in Gauteng. We are passionate about making sure our clients receive the best possible products at competitive prices. We run extensive tests at our in-house laboratory to make sure that all the lighting products that we supply are fit-for-purpose.


Afcap brings you fit-for-purpose capacitors to meet the requirements of luminaires, electric motor, power factor correction, pulse grade and all other power capacitor requirements.

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Afcap has a full range of compact fluorescent, fluorescent and HID ballasts.

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Afcap offers a wide range of popular fittings to meet the needs of different lighting situations. This includes weatherproof, open channel, louvre and wraparound fittings.

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LED Range

Afcap offers a range of LED products to suit all lighting requirements.

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Additional Products

Our range of additional products complement our entire offering of lighting products. This includes emergency inverters and batteries, and ignitors.